Hello everyone!

Hello everyone.

This is the first of my blogs from Jamie’s month-long tour of America. I’ll be serving a generous portion of gibberish with a side of drivel.

The first line of the American National Anthem refers to dawn’s early light. I’m not a fan of it. Dawn, that is. Neither is anyone on the JC bandwagon. Having done our fair share of tours and promo trips in the last year, we have all become intimately acquainted with the face-stretching misery of hearing the alarm going off at 5am. The start of this journey was to be no different.

Each member of the band has his own way of negotiating the hideously early departures. Chris (bass/vocals/high-pitched cackler/ Jazz C3P0) likes to drink coffee and rub his face like he’s trying to make fire. Rory (trumpet/flugelhorn/guitar/vocals/Cornish wit) is nearly always hooded, gurgling, and on a quest for orange juice. If you were to cut the man, he would bleed fruit juice. Tom’s (sax/ keyboards/vocals/drums/Appalachian nose flute/assorted facial contortions) body language is not unlike that of a man standing with his face three inches from a stadium floodlight, and Jamie, who is normally afforded an extra 15 minutes in bed, often passes the time by making (well-founded) appraisals of my appearance.

“Look at Brad. That is the worst collection of cells I have ever seen.”

The first week of the US tour has seen us eat 40 kilos of pastrami, play five sold out shows and drive 1400 kilometres. Huge thanks to the amazing crowds in New York, Philly, Boston and D.C. You made our week. No thanks at all can go to CBS, who woke us up at 5am to play on The Early Show. If you saw it, I was the collection of cells at the back, struggling with the light.


Originally posted on Jamie Cullum’s website.

Posted on 09 March 2010 by Brad Webb
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