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I’m writing this from the sofa whilst recovering from the twenty-four hour journey home from Australia. I should have made the brutal trip a week ago, but the pesky Icelandic volcano (Eyfafgjxhgfhnvddhvull) kept spewing dust, leaving us ‘stranded’ in Sydney, and tacking an involuntary holiday onto the end of our three week tour.

I could say we’ve spent the week being productive, doing free workshops in schools, playing impromptu gigs for the elderly and recording a charity single for other Brits abroad affected by the ever chundering volcano. But that would be a lie. We’ve been on the beach.

Of course, our intention was to do all of this and more, but human nature dictated that the best thing to do was to relentlessly scaremonger each other into needing a nice sit down. Facts about Eyfafgjxhgfhnvddhvull’s pestilential history and the catastrophic effect volcanic ash can have on a jet engine were volleyed around ad infinitum. Compulsive problem-solver Chris had even spent some time on Google maps mapping out how we might drive home…

“Seriously guys, if they can get us on a flight to Bangkok, we can drive home from there- it’s easy.”

The fact that we would need a pistol for this was deemed the only apparent hole in the plan.

Happily though, we have a tour manager who does have more than one brain cell (two), so flying seperately and on different days, we have all made it back to England.

Japan, Korea, Singapore and Oz were a blast, but now it’s time to tour the place we call home. We’ll be travelling by road much of the time… unarmed, one assumes.

Originally posted on Jamie Cullum’s website.

Posted on 30 April 2010 by Brad Webb
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