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Firstly, I owe you all an apology. The beady-eyed amongst you will have noticed that this is supposed to be a weekly blog and that, bearing in mind we were on tour in North America for a month and I only wrote two blogs (and we are halfway through our tour of South East Asia), I have only completed half of my homework. This is partly because deep down I am a slovenly, inky-fingered school boy with procrastination issues… and partly because we have had a busy few weeks finishing the North American tour and dealing with the fallout.

So this blog is a bit of a wittery catch-up.

Some of it has been a real strain. Whilst Jamie went to Vegas and Minneapolis to do stuff for his singy, playie thing (career), the band were forced into flying ahead to gorgeous Vancouver. There we endured two days off, which I struggled through by swimming, go-karting, eating gourmet seafood, taking harbour tours and generally trying to make the best of a dire situation. We tried to rectify the issue as a group by taking a cable car to somewhere called Grouse Mountain, but this just turned out to be a place where we were able to ski cheaply, whilst observing an incomparable view of the city and the surrounding water. Awful.

Following the trauma of Vancouver, we trickled south to explore more of the Pacific Northwest, first playing Seattle, then Portland. The Portland show was to be one to remember. The crowd were a paragon of pogoing rowdiness, and I could see after our usual opener, ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ that JC had the bit between his teeth. It was a euphoric, cacophonous party of a gig. We were told afterwards by people in the rooms below the stage that dust had been cascading from the ceiling and that, during our last song, a brick had fallen from the wall of the production office. Guests joining us at the aftershow were dismayed to find us deleting any rock points (scored for structural damage to a venue) by extolling the hummous provided on the rider. Oh dear.

After gigs in San Francisco and LA we wrapped up the tour by playing a private show in Mexico and quaffing vintage tequila (1942 Don Julio – more torture) before beating a retreat to Blighty.

Thank you North America, for the fun, fish, Fillmore and…. hummous.

Having written blogs equivalent in length to ‘War and Peace’recently, I shall henceforth be writing slightly shorter witterings in an attempt to blog more punctually and (perhaps) more frequently.

Originally posted on Jamie Cullum’s website.

Posted on 12 April 2010 by Brad Webb
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