Ahoy hoy.

Our hotel in Singapore was twenty yards from the corner of the Formula One Grand Prix track on which Nelson Piquet Jr. deliberately crashed his car to affect the outcome of the race. He has since been expelled from the sport for cheating, and rightly so.

On that note, why is it deemed cheating, by some people, not to immediately start experiencing a city like a local the minute one arrives? It is almost as if travelling is some sort of sport, and to spend any time enjoying home comforts in a place such as Singapore is cheating the rules. If it is, then each of us on this tour is as guilty as the next.

Mr. and Mrs. Cullum are sometimes found slithering around in the hotel spa, Chris on a crosstrainer in the gym, Rory on Facebook and Tom watching ‘The West Wing’. My slice of touristic laziness in Singapore was to waddle round the first half of the race track taking nerdy photos of apexes I recognised from the television. Ben (tour tech and monitor engineer) derived great pleasure from wagging his finger at us for eating in a ‘Western’ restaurant on our night off, but even a culture vulture like him was found ‘cheating’ in Tokyo, drinking Abbott’s ale and eating toad-in-the-hole in a poor imitation of an English pub. The point is, no matter how adventurous you are abroad- and we have done our fair share of blending in- sometimes you just need to sit around in your pants*.

Onward to Australia !

* Obviously, this is not what I do

Originally posted on Jamie Cullum’s website.

Posted on 19 April 2010 by Brad Webb
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